Our Approach

SELAH means – to pause, think about, ponder over, meditate on, RELAX  – then put into action. SELAH is a privately owned resort with a purpose to create a place where YOU can simply relax and enjoy all that Fiji has to offer – the beautiful people, food and surroundings. We are a boutique, niche resort that provides a truly Fijian experience.

Our Story

Every business has a beginning, and this is where we will tell you ours.
Selah~FIJI has been birthed out of a 30 year love with Fiji and its people, with regular visits to Fiji by all the owners over the years a dream was birthed through the opportunity that was presented with the current property where Selah is today. With a passion to provide a real Fijian experience through the combination of a great property location near towns, water and a coconut trees combined with containers converted to quality boutique accommodation with Fijian thatched style and feel, Selah~FIJI is the place to come to. We wanted to offer you a place that is unique, personable a provides the Fijian experience.
Our vision is also to promote and support local Fiji as well as provide a place that will enrich people – Selah means pause and think. People who visit Selah will be able to do just that – Selah.

Next Steps...

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